About Katie

Hi everyone I’m Katie, photographer and designer here at EmeryHouse, but I’m guessing you already knew that. Here are a few things you may not know… I have a fur daughter named Olivia Benson, yes she’s named after that Olivia! I like to take an obscenely long time drinking my coffee in the mornings, and i’ll even wake up an hour earlier if I have to in order to have that designated coffee and youtube time. I’m what you would call a leggings enthusiast, they’re just so comfy I can’t help it. My niece and nephews are my three favorite humans; they’re largely responsible for how I became a photographer so I owe them quite a lot. My Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw. And last but certainly not least I’m a Taurus sun, Libra rising, and Aquarius moon, but who’s counting?!

About EmeryHouse

EmeryHouse is a fine art editorial portrait studio located in Rhode island. At EmeryHouse we have one motto; real life is really awesome. I, Katie, want to capture exactly that; your real life. Yes, I will help to guide you with posing here and there to make sure what we are capturing looks beautiful, but overall I focus on the real authentic moments. The beautiful in between, that’s what makes my heart beat for photography. My favorite images will never be the perfectly posed portrait, it will always be the image just before or after where your child glances up at you, or you to them and I capture that raw and beautiful connection. With a relaxed lifestyle focused shooting style, and a bold fine art editorial editing approach, EmeryHouse is a truly unique portrait studio servicing Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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It’s really just a memorable experience, it’s stress free. It’s always the perfect shot, it’s us. It’s the best of us.